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Diasoft Legacy Renovation toolkit provides the most advanced source code conversion on the market. It supports all the popular mainframe technologies CICS, BMS, JCL etc. Convert
Blog 23 / 12 / 2014 The Do's and Dont's of legacy renovation. A how-to guide for C-Level manager.
The migration of the obsolete source code to the modern JavaEE platform opens you the opportunity to take advantages of multiple modern hardware platforms…
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Why should I migrate to Java
Learn more about the costs and benefits of sticking with COBOL. Enterprise systems migration
Designed to handle large and complex legacy systems. Rewriting / Replacement / Renovation
Learn more about the costs and benefits of sticking with COBOL.
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Why should I migrate to Java COBOL is considered to be a type of legacy language. It becomes more challenging to find a well-qualified COBOL developer, because people that know the legacy languages are becoming difficult to find and retain as well as younger staff being reluctant to learn these languages.
By making a shift from COBOL to Java, this issue will be resolved as more easily found software engineers will be available. In other words, Java based software is more maintainable and especially in the long-term it will improve the efficiency of the whole bank operation in terms of IT and obviously costs will be cut significantly.
Legacy Renovation is fully automated and thus it enables a much faster deployment of the system compared to the mechanical approach.
A crucial aspect is the retaining of the existing business logic, processes and interfaces. Therefore, staff should quickly adapt to the changes, what will enable smooth change with to training costs. A mid-seized bank could spend up to €30 m a year due to high licensing and lease costs of COBOL system. By introducing Legacy Renovation, which on average will cost around €6 m, a bank will break-even its expenditure in the second year and will already start saving from the third year.
Typical expenditure Legacy Renovation impact
30 20 10
30 20 10
The diagram to the above shows the typical expenditure of a mid-seized bank on its mainframe when operating using COBOL based system. It is simply constant and may even increase if any changes should be implemented. This diagram therefore shows the impact of Legacy Renovation on a business’s expenditure associated with the mainframe. In the first year, when Legacy Renovation is not yet in operation, but in the development process, there are no changes in costs. However, once the new system is introduced, i.e. in the second year, costs start to decrease significantly. If we do some simple mathematics, we can see that already in the second year a business reaches the break-even in the expenditure on Legacy Renovation as the costs drop by €6 m, what is an expected price of developing, launching and maintaining of our product.
Enterprise system migration Diasoft Legacy Renovation toolkit provides the most advanced source code conversion on the market. It supports all the popular mainframe technologies CICS, BMS, JCL etc.
Obsolete source code
Legacy mainframe technologies: COBOL; CICS; BMS; JCL; DL/1; PL/1; VisualGen; SmallTalk; Oracle Forms; SQL; Delphi; Visual Basic; Centura/Gupta; etc. SOA JavaEE Hardware Neutral Platform
Diasoft’s Legacy Renovation is the technology of migration of enterprise IT solutions designed to handle with large and complex legacy systems. Diasoft has leveraged its 20 years of experience in development and modernization of core banking, core insurance and government software to create modernization technology and methodology that can handle largest migrations in the industry.
Mainframe migration Supported technology
Migration of enterprise software involves not only COBOL conversion but all the supported mainframe technologies like BMS, JCL, CICS and others. With its universal code conversion technology Diasoft Legacy Renovation toolkit allows to convert wide range of legacy technologies (mainframe and non-mainframe) like Delphi, Gupta, SmallTalk, MS SQL, Oracle Forms and many others.
Rewriting/Replacement/Renovation Based on its more than 20-year experience in software development and using the best IT practices and globally approved technologies, Diasoft has offered to the market a modern cost effective approach to legacy solutions enhancement which allows rapid modernization of the existing IT infrastructure and also provides the business with a powerful development tool.
Using Diasoft’s unique methodology to the legacy system renovation, the Customer acquires all advantages of modern technologies without the need to reconstruct their business processes. Our Diasoft Framework allows renovating core software through automated conversion of legacy source code (COBOL (including BMS Maps and JCL), Ada, SQL, Oracle Forms, CLIPPER, Clarion, Borland Delphi, Centura, FORTRAN, Power Builder, Visual Basic) to cutting-edge SOA JavaEE technology. It brings legacy systems to a new level of flexibility, increases their performance and enhances integration and development capacities while retaining the business logic of operations and providing opportunity to go on using the same operations and even similar user interfaces the Customer has accustomed to. "
Rewriting or replacing aged systems can involve significant investments in capital, as well as implementation and training time, and can result in less robust systems. Leveraging existing core assets wherever possible is the best approach to capitalizing on the years of work spent perfecting them. - IBM "
Case Study Diasoft’s approach to the enhancement of Sberbank’s retail banking solution allowed the bank to avoid a long and risky process of the complete system replacement and its further customization. Today, the renovated solution fulfills a broad range of Sberbank’s retail banking functionality and business processes and provides a reliable SOA-platform for further consolidation of the bank`s it resources and business development. The platform fully reveals to the bank all advantages of SOA architecture. Sberbank, Read the whole study " "
F.A.Q. What programming languages does your toolset support? COBOL, PL/1, GUPTA/CENTURA, Borland Delphi, MS SQL and others. Please contact us to check particular technology. How much does it cost?
Please contact us for the quotation and additional information.
Why Diasoft Diasoft is one of the leading enterprise software developers. Our solutions are validated by IBM Industry Framework and taking leading positions in various International rankings including Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for International Core Banking Systems.
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