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Frequently Asked Questions
What should I upload?
You must upload one or several Cobol programs and all Cobol copies that are referenced by them. For interactive Cobol programs you should also upload BMS maps. How much does this cost?
t’s absolutely free. Which Cobol dialects are supported?
At the moment we support IBM z/OS version of Cobol. If you need support for other Cobol dialects (like Open Cobol or Microfocus Cobol) – please contact us. Is your online converter able to convert every Cobol program?
Of course, not. Creation of absolutely universal Cobol to Java converter is too complicated, that’s why in real projects conversion rules are adopted to specific legacy architecture and coding style. Also, real Cobol system usually consists of hundreds or thousands of files, and it would be too difficult to upload all programs and their dependencies to the site. Full version of Legacy Renovation toolkit is capable to parse folder structure recursively and find all dependent resources as they needed. What if I don’t have Cobol program at hand but want to test your toolkit?
Don’t worry, we have examples of simple Cobol programs that cover major Cobol grammar constructs. You may use them to see how our conversion toolkit works. What is AST?
AST stands for Abstract Syntax Tree. Conversion consists of three steps: preprocessor (this is the program that finds all required resources and removes contents that should be ignored), parser (the program that constructs Abstract Syntax Tree from the source code) and code generator, that generates equivalent code in the target language (usually Java). You will be able to see Abstract Syntax Tree after the successful conversion. Can I convert only Cobol?
If you upload other supported files (JCL or VisualGen Smalltalk) – the converter will also try to convert them, though support for these grammars is very limited in the Online version. Why are you asking for my email?
We are constantly working on improving our Online converter. That’s why we may contact you to get feedback about your experience with our toolkit. Also, in case if your program was not converted due to some minor issue which is easy to fix, we may send you the converted code via email.
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