Online Cobol Converter - User Guide
Get a feeling of how Cobol2Java works with this simple user guide below. If you find yourself in doubt contact us.
Step 1
Click 'Choose File' in order to show File dialog.
Step 2
After the file dialog opens, choose your Cobol file. If you have more than one file, you will have to add each one separately.
Step 3
Click 'Submit' to upload your file to the server.
Step 4
If you don't have any Cobol source at hand, but want to see how conversion works, you may use one of our sample sources. Click 'View' to see corresponding source code and then 'Upload' to use the file.
Step 5
You may see the list of all uploaded files after clicking 'Submit'. Please note that if your Cobol program includes Cobol copies, the copy files should also be uploaded, otherwise the converter will not be able to convert the program. If you added wrong file by mistake, you may always remove them using 'Remove' button.
Step 6
During the conversion, a progress bar will display the conversion progress. When the conversion finishes, you will see 'Done'. If the conversion finished with error, don't worry. It's usually because of missing Cobol copies or incompatible formatting. In this case please contact us using Contact Form or email provided on the Contacts page, and we will help you with your conversion.
Step 7
After the successful conversion, the app will automatically send you to the 'Execute' results page.
Step 8
On the right you will see the conversion results. Click 'JAVA' in order to see the generated source code.
Step 9
Click AST in order to see Abstract Syntax Tree of your Cobol code. It will open in a new page.
Step 10
Click MEMORY in order to see memory layout of your Cobol program. It will open in a new page.
Step 11
For a console program you may click 'Execute' in order to see the program output. This functionality should generally work for interactive CICS programs (BMS - based), but usually it requires some additional layout adjustments in order to be displayed properly.
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